“Of shoes–and ships–and sealing-wax– Of cabbages–and kings–“

I don’t have many things to talk of, but I do have a few:

1. StORytime Oregon has been launched and I hope that all Oregon libraries take advantage of the educational opportunity. As we all know, early literacy is “what we do” (as Heather McNeil so eloquently put it in her letter to Governor Kitzhaber). The website has logos and other materials that libraries can use to promote our “storytimes”. And you can sign up to be a partner, check out how many partners are librarians!  Katie Anderson and I are working with Nancy Golden’s staff to brainstorm ways we can work together to spread the word and we will keep you updated.

2. The IMLS blog post, Sprouting Green Weeding Practices Web-Based Training, take a look at a training funded with an IMLS grant that works to promote green weeding practices and to engage the community in the conversation and the work.

3. Our colleagues in Josephine County have library district formation on their November ballot. Through the generosity of the Oregon Community Foundation they are running three ads and putting up billboards. The ads are remarkable:

Lifelong Learning for the Family

Josephine Community Libraries are With You

Digital Tools in the Community


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